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Lafayette Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is the premier provider of outpatient cardiac and endovascular services in Lafayette and South Louisiana. Equipped with state-of-the-art cardiac and vascular imaging systems and highly qualified physicians and staff, you will receive first-class care in a safe environment built around your individual needs.

At LCCX, we take quality care to heart.


About us


More personal for a reason.

Care comes first. From the reception area to the recovery rooms, everything about this center is designed with the patient in mind. Instead of the patient having to adapt to our facility and staff, our main focus is on your optimum health and experience.

With private rooms, a one-to-one patient to nurse ratio and the same nurse caring for you from start to finish, excellence in care is our top priority. Since we are specialized, we can better schedule procedures around you, keeping wait times to a minimum – unlike the often unpredictable hospital environment. Our easy access with quick parking also means not having to maneuver through the hospital maze.

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Physician-owned for a reason.

Because we’re physician-owned and operated, we’re paying close attention to every single detail that makes this cardiovascular center a better place for you. A recent study even showed that more physician-owned facilities deliver higher quality care under the new healthcare laws than big hospitals. And since our physicians have direct control in meeting patients’ expectations, we can tailor your care to provide superior service. After all, when people who really understand healthcare are put in charge, you will notice the difference in everything we do.

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Specialized for a reason.

Equipped with state-of-the-art cardiac and vascular imaging systems, LCCX is dedicated to providing the first-class cardiovascular services below.

  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Peripheral Angiography
  • Peripheral Arterial Angioplasty/Stenting/Atherectomy
  • Venous Ablations
  • Intravascular Stents
  • Venous Angioplasty